Theory Seminar

In the fall semester of 2018, Kimmy Cushman and I started a theoretical/computation/statistical methods in physics seminar for graduate students. I’ve added resources from the talks in this series below.

Seminar Topics

  1. Lie Algebra Representation Theory (Rajeev Erramilli)
  2. Clustering Algorithms (Kimmy Cushman)
  3. Topological Data Analysis: Persistent Homology (Sheridan Green)
  4. Random Matrix Theory (Pavel Kurilovich)
  5. Numerical Stability (Paul Fanto)
  6. Vector Bundles (Judith Hoeller)
  7. Monte Carlo Methods (Sohan Vartak)
  8. Dirac Brackets (Jingping Li)
  9. Generative Choreography using RNNs and GANs (Mariel Pettee)
  10. Large Deviation Theory (Danny Seara)
  11. Self-consistent mean-field theory (Paul Fanto)
  12. Homology, cohomology, and obstructions to exactness (Joe Sullivan)